Thursday, 2 April 2009

The round Britain route we are about to sail with the Ellen MacArthur Trust has played a significant part in the story of my life. I remember vividly the exact moment I decided to sail my little Corribee 21 Iduna around our shoreline, and many moments remain crystal clear from that fantastic journey back in 1995. The round Britain trip taught me so much – about myself and my capabilities, about how small and tiny my boat was, about how incredible people can be and how kind they are. I was welcomed by all sorts of people during that journey, taken in, fed, watered and more often than not entertained!

It’s for this reason that the Ellen MacArthur Trust voyage is so close to my heart. For me in 1995 that voyage was the beginning of a dream, the first solo sail and the first real adventure. I remember the feeling I had vividly as I sailed down the River Humber from Hull to begin my journey. I felt like the future was ahead of me, and the past behind me on the dockside – and I was there in the middle just raring to go! I hope that each young person who participates in this journey feels a little, if not a lot of what I did.

They, however, have already shown far much more bravery than I ever did… I cannot wait to get started!