Wednesday, 6 May 2009

A big, big thanks to everyone who came along to hear me talk in Brighton yesterday evening. I've been really overwhelmed by your kind comments and support and interest in the Ellen MacArthur Trust Skandia Round Britain trip - we're glad that you think it is as exciting as we do!

In the afternoon, the Scarlet Oyster crew came with me to visit the Musto store in Brighton with me - Musto have been fantastic and are kindly providing all the clothing for our Round Britain trip. At the store, we were interviewed by a schoolgirl called Carla who had won a competition in a local newspaper. One of Carla's questions was "Are you all friends onboard?" - we were all quite relieved that Joseph answered that with a resounding "Yes!".

The next stop for the Ellen MacArthur Trust Skandia Round Britain trip is Dover - weather permitting, Scarlet Oyster should be arriving in Dover Marina on Friday 10th June and I will be speaking at The Ark in Dover at 1430 on Saturday.

So for now, thanks Brighton ....and Dover here we come!


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  1. Looking forward to seeing you in Dover ! Have a nice time in the meantime everyone !